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This series is about a girl named Otome who's searching for love now that she has entered high school. But of course, finding love isn't going to be easy, especially if you have three delinquent boys who are your childhood friends. Otome explains to the boys that since they are in high school now, she wants to find love and fall deeply in love, but Tokio (one of her childhood friends) insist that she be part of his plan of taking over the school and becoming a grand gang leader.

Author: Yokoyama Mayumi
Genre: comedy, romance, school life, shoujo
Status: 2 volume (complete)
Scan Status: complete
*Chapter 01-06 released by Rebellious Love and ShoujoLove
Volume 02 Panic Extra 2 - System VS Freedom
Volume 02 Panic Extra - The Boy Next Door
Volume 02 Panic 7 - Last Panic
Volume 02 Panic 6
Volume 02 Panic 5
Volume 01 Panic 4
Volume 01 Panic 3
Volume 01 Panic 2
Volume 01 Panic 1

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